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Jester Deese
July 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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NFL Films is working with 49ers offensive lineman Derrick Deese on a “Day In The Life Of” biographical video. So, with NFL Films in attendance at the 49ers training camp, the always charismatic Deese is taking advantage of every opportunity given to him to prank others in the organization.

Pranks in 49ers training camp go a long ways back. Rookies are always delivered an initiation prank. I can also remember stories of Joe Montana and Steve Young hiding team mates bikes in trees, and squirting them with water when they finally got them down. All in good fun of course.

They don’t call the summer training period, “Camp” for nothing. Players are out there to learn, and better the team - but how can they pass up the opportunity to simply have fun? Derrick Deese sure can’t.

Two days ago, while Jeff Chandler was fighting through a round of pad field goal attempts, Deese would shout over to him: “Shank”. Talk about making a player nervous. Thankfully Chandler’s kicking has improved since then.

More recently, while Steve Mariucci was in a media session, Deese brushed Mariucci’s ear three times before the coach realized what was going on. Of course, the previous three times Mooch foolishly attempted to swat a non-existent fly. Slightly embarrassed Mariucci remarked: "That will be the most boring (show) ever, what are they going to do with him, watch him eat?"

Deese is certainly helping to build team chemistry. He’s relieving some of the tension that comes with training camp, and all in all helping every have a good time. Stay tuned for more of Deese’s pranks, he’s likely on just begun.

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