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Jackson Still On Wish List
May 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers dont seem to be content at their wide receiver position. It seems that despite restructuring JJ Stokes contract during the draft, the team is still interested in free agent Willie Jackson. Jackson is coming off a tremendous season in New Orleans and the 49ers feel hed be a great fit on the team, playing on the same offensive squad as his brother, RB Terry Jackson.

According to earlier reports, Jackson wants to be a 49er so badly hes turned down offers from other teams, calls the 49ers twice weekly looking for a job, and is willing to play at a minimum contract with no guarantee of play time. Seems like the 49ers would be getting a heck of a deal should they sign the 1000-yard receiver.

Recent news from the 49ers office, is that Jackson could join the team for next week's mini-camp that begins at the end of next week. This would be a very big step in Jackson landing a job in San Francisco.

The 49ers have most certainly not given up JJ Stokes, but the opportunity to bring in a player like Jackson is in my eyes, too good to pass up. Whether he starts or not, Jackson would improve the 49ers receiving squad. He would also provide the 49ers with a key weapon against division opponents, the St. Louis Rams. Jackson has had tremendous success against the Rams in his career, where as 49er receiver, JJ Stokes has not been nearly as fortunate.

It would be in the teams best interest to let the two battle it out for the second starting position on the team. Regardless of who would be seeing more play time though, the addition of Jackson would definitely improve the team. At this point, there are few players the 49ers could add that would bolster the roster, Jackson is one of those players, and the only thing I can see holding the team back from actively pursuing him, is the chance to go after someone like Antonio Freeman after June first.

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