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Jackson Visits
April 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It was the day of 'brotherly love' at 49ers headquarters on Monday. The 49ers brought in running back, Terry's Jackson's older brother Willie, a receiver who was very successful in New Orleans last season, in for a workout and interview. Willie Jackson has seen very little attention in free agency this off-season, so he would be able to fit under the 49ers salary cap, which still has about $2 million of free space.

Jackson is coming off an outstanding season with the Saints, where he was more successful than the 49ers JJ Stokes or Tai Streets. He's an extremely motivated, and likable person and would be a great fit with the 49ers. The 49ers would love to add a receiver to the team that could push Stokes and Streets and possibly win the starting position opposite of Owens.

The 49ers have asked JJ Stokes to restructure his contract, and take a pay cut. If he doesn't the team may release him after June 1st. It is for this reason that the 49ers will look to improve their receiver position either with the signing of Jackson or with a draft pick. It could prove to be an asset in bargaining with Stokes, or it could be an insurance policy. Either way, the team wont want to leave much to chance. Whichever way they go, it will be nice to have someone to push Stokes, who had nice complimentary season's but did leave many wanting more.

Stokes season as a compliment to Owens was not as big a failure as some may have figured. Granted he has never lived up to what the 49ers expected of him, but certainly his performance last season was consistent with most secondary receivers in the league. A receiver like Jackson could give the 49ers a threat like they thought Stokes would be. While I like Stokes as the 49ers second receiver, it's hard not to want more explosion at the position.

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