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Roster Moves
October 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers made a few roster moves on Wednesday. Firstly, the team effectively ended Terry Jackson’s season by placing him on the injured reserve. Jackson will undergo surgery today to help repair the damage in his knee that occurred in the 49ers Monday night victory.

With Jackson injured, the team added fullback Jason Isom to the practice squad. Isom had a very productive off-season with the 49ers, and is now at their disposal should the team need him to fill in - given that Paul Smith is injured too.

The 49ers also resigned Ross Kolodziej to their roster. Ross was released to make room for receiver James Jordan who was elevated last week from the practice squad because of the injury to JJ Stokes. The 49ers may need the depth at defensive tackle given that Bryant Young was being ‘actively rested’ because of some pain in his foot.

The team has indicated that they are planning on elevating Jamal Robertson, a running back, from the practice squad to help fill in for the loss of Jackson, particularly on special teams. Robertson has been waiting eagerly, since winning the MVP of the NFL Europe league, to showcase his talent.

The team has also expressed an interest in elevating John Keith from the practice squad as they are extremely thin at safety since losing Zack Bronson. Keith’s elevation will depend primarily on his health, as he has not played in over a year now.

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