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Terry Jackson, The Forgotten Man
October 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Despite backup fullback Paul Smithís injury, Terry Jackson, who moved from second string fullback to third string running back is quickly becoming a forgotten talent on the 49ers. Jackson is still being used on a special teams as an ace, but he gets very few if any carries at running back.

The utilization or Jackson, or the lack there of for that matter is in drastic contrast to how he was used in last years offense. Last season Jackson was used as the teamís third down specialist and in that role became an important weapon in the 49ers arsenal.

This season, as Jackson has shifted to running back, he has moved down the depth chart, though that move would have happened had he stayed at fullback anyway. As heís moved down the depth chart heís become a much less vital part of the 49ers offense.

The plan for the running backs this season is to get the ball to Garrison Hearst and Kevan Barlow as much as possible, so despite having extreme depth in the offensive backfield, the team really isnít utilizing all of its weapons. Itís likely that some backfield players will become trade bait by next off-season, if the 49ers continue in the same manner they have begun this season. For Jackson that may mean another opportunity.

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