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Jackson, Niners Deal
November 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Still not convinced that the 49ers are a class organization? Howís this for class: The 49ers contacted Terry Jackson and his agent recently to extend the running backs contract. The two sides agreed to a deal on Monday that would keep Jackson with the 49ers for two additional years, including $250 000 in bonus money.

So whatís the big deal? Itís just another signing, of a versatile player that contributes on offense and is a key member of the special teams unit - and they didnít shell out a whole lot of money in doing so. The difference of course, is that Terry Jackson has been placed on the injured reserve, and the 49ers still wanted to re-sign him despite an injured knee.

The move speaks volumes not just about the type of player the 49ers believe Jackson to be, but also with regards to the type of organization they are. Similarly to allowing Garrison Hearst the time he needed to recover, and Jr. Bryant the extra time on the roster for him to receive medical benefits, the 49ers have extended a hand of humanity to Jackson.

A breath of fresh air most certainly. Jackson will continue to rehabilitate his ACL injury, and the 49ers are confident he will be able to return for next season - still Jackson likely wouldnít have received the same free agent attention he would have after this season if not for the injury. The 49ers extended Jackson a fair deal, and Iím happy to see that he took the offer.

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