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Jackson Could Sign As Early As Wednesday
May 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Free agent receiver, Willie Jackson, the brother of 49ers running back Terry Jackson, could sign with the 49ers as early as Wednesday. Although there is no guarantee that Jackson will even sign with the team, there are reports that Jackson will be with the 49ers for the mini-camp that starts at this week’s end.

The 49ers are clearly looking to improve their receiver position, and Jackson may be the man to do it. A player who desperately wants to be a 49er, and an explosive one at that, Jackson looks like at the very least he would be an upgrade at the position.

The 49ers are interested, there’s no doubt about that. Jackson however has not completely ruled out playing for another team, and could wait until after June first when the market opens up a little. The 49ers however, have one thing no other team can offer Jackson, and that’s to play alongside his brother.

It would be great to see the team add another quality receiver to its depth chart, especially at a bargain price they can likely get now. Signing Jackson early this coming week, would go a long ways to improving an already potent offense.

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