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Irrelevant Week Passes With Little News
June 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Since 1976, the NFL has held an annual ‘Irrelevant Week’. The activity filled weekend invites each seventh round pick of the draft to a week full of fun. The week is kicked off with the crowning of Mr. Irrelevant - the final pick in the draft, Ahmad Miller was this years winner, after being selected dead last by the Texans.

The week, which this year ran from June 17th-22nd, consists of several competitions in completely irrelevant sports. The ‘games’ include wacky golf, bumper boat relay, go-cart races, laser tag, skee ball, hoop shot, and other virtual reality type games. This years event was capped by a game of “Survivor” where players competed for immunity, food and other benefits.

Not surprisingly the inventor of ‘Irrelevant Week’ was a former Mr. Irrelevant himself. Kelving Kirk, drafted 487th in 1976 by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He worked closely with Paul Salata who is still in charge to this day.

The 49ers had three players chosen in the “Irrelevant Round” this season; guard Eric Heitmann, offensive tackle Kyle Kosier, and cornerback Teddy Gaines. While none of them are expected to make the impact that Eric Johnson, the 49ers final pick last season made the team does expect all of them to contribute this season. Teddy Gaines has been injured this off-season though, where as Eric Heitmann has stood out from the bunch and looks like he could be a real success.

In 49ers history there have been three players crowned Mr. Irrelevant. Most recently, linebacker Sam Manuel of New Mexico State was drafted last in 1996. Some may remember that the 49ers drafted his twin brother only a few picks earlier. Prior to that it was 1985 when tackle Donald Chumley of the University of Georgia was drafted. He was preceded by the first 49er in history to be crowned as such, defensive back, Tim Washington of Fresno State.

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