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It's An Inexact Science
April 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers are known for coming up big in the draft. At least they have been known for such drafts under the guidance of Bill Walsh. Sure there was a time when they couldn't get anything right (cough...cough Drukenmiller), but historically and recently they have faired quite well on the key off-season day. So how do they do it? What formula or algorithm do they follow to repeat success? Simply put - there is none.

"They always trade down" you'll here people say referring to the 49ers on draft day. But us die-hard fans, we know that's not true. We know that the team had traded up in recent history to acquire Andre Carter and JJ Stokes and less recently Jerry Rice - among others of course. So we know that the team doesn't always trade down.

"They go after the best athlete available" is another statement you'll hear as the draft aproaches. Of course if that was true, our team would be filled with players who run a 4.3/40 and we'd have no problem keeping up with the Rams offense. Again we see that there is no way that the 9ers simply pick the best athlete available (and when they have - RW McQuarter - it doesn't usually end up so well for the team).

And while the 49ers actual draft plan is typically unpredictable, there are a few constants to it. They are deceitful - telling the media and other teams about players they love, when really they are just turning attention away from there man. They will stop at no length to make sure they secure their top pick, trading up or down. They always try and accumulate as many draft picks as possible (but what team doesn't). Once a player is in their sights they will do what it takes to make him a 49er. Unpredictability is what the 49ers draft strategy is and always will be - confused? You should be.

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