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Introducing Mike Rumph
April 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Introducing cornerback Mike Rumph:

The Particulars:
College: Miami (Fla.)
Height: ~6'2"
Weight: ~205 lbs
40 Time: ~4.47 seconds
Vertical Jump: ~39 inches
Squat Lift: ~345 lbs
Hometown: ~ Delray Beach, Fla.

College Highlights:
Mike Rumph was part of one of college's greatest defensive backfield of all time. A consistent non-falshy type player in college, Rumph always put the team before his glory, taking on any assignment the coaches had for him. Rumph has outstanding mechanics and comes from a large collegiate program that has trained him very well.

Rumph did not allow a single touchdown reception in his four year college career. He recorded 6 interceptions with none in his final season. In 2001 he held receivers without a catch on seven different occasions. A liberal arts major.

Role With 49ers:
Rumph will initially be asked to be the 49ers 'third cornerback'. He will back up starters Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster. Rumph will be used on approximately 40% of the 49ers defensive snaps as a nickel or dime defender, he may also participate on special teams. Rumph may be able to make the step to full time starter by next season, but has lots of competition in the spot. The 49ers feel he will be essential in stopping three receiver, pass happy offenses.

In scouting Rumph, the 49ers had him visit four times. On one occasion, defensive backfield coach diagramed and explained several defensive schemes to Rumph. On a later visit, Rumph was tested on the information without any study time. Rumph was able to repeat what he had learned almost verbatim to the staff.

Quotes To Note:
"I prided myself on taking receivers out of the game,"
"Phillip is a little quicker, a little lighter on his feet, but he's smaller. Phillip was a little flashier and willing to take more chances. He gambled a little bit and came up with big plays. Mike would constantly do his job and do what you coached him to do. Mike was just different. The thing that really stands out that he wanted to execute his assignment and do the right thing. He doesn't worry about personal glory or statistics, he just went out there and shut his guy down every snap.
- Mark Stoops Miami Secondary Coach
"This is a different type of corner than we have here, He's bigger than our two starters and he presses at the line of scrimmage. We felt all along that we wanted a physical corner and we got him. Needless to say we were very excited that he was available for us."
-GM Terry Donahue
"He's a great player who played at a great college program. He's well coached, he's physical; he's played in big games and won a National Championship. He knows how to win. There's something to those Miami guys"
-Defensive Coordinator Jim Mora Jr.

Injury History:
There has been no doubt casted on Rumph's medical status.

Additional Notes:

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