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Introducing Jeff Chandler
April 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Introducing Kicker Jeff Chandler

The Particulars:
College: Florida
Height: ~6'2"
Weight: ~218 lbs
40 Time: ~5.0 seconds
Vertical Jump: ~NA
Squat Lift: ~NA
Hometown: ~ Jacksonville, Fla.

College Highlights:
Walked on to the team as what picked to be the kicker. Went on to score 368 points as Florida's All-time leader. Recorded a field goal percentage of 83.8 percent. Has shown the range to kick field goals from 50+ yards deep. Though he did not handle all of the kick off duties in college, his kicks usually landed at or beyond the goal line.

Role With 49ers:
The 49ers have not had a kicker prospect on the team in quite some time. Rather they tend to go with whoever happens to be available. With the drafting of Chandler, the team hopes to change that. Ideally the 49ers would like to see Chandler beat out Jose Cortez and Jamie Rheem for the starting place kicker position.

A good kicker can win games for a team, and the 49ers hope that Chandler will make them that much better.

Quotes To Note:
He's an extremely accurate kicker and was throughout his career at Florida. He's a strong legged guy and will be able to handle field goals and kickoffs.
- special teams coach Bruce DeHaven
"There was one kicker we felt we would draft and it is Jeff Chandler, he's a big kicker, an athlete and has played in big games in a big-time college environment."
-Steve Mariucci

Injury History:
There has been no doubt cast on Chandler's medical status.

Additional Notes:
Chandler impressed GM Terry Donahue with a 55-yard field goal that would have been good from 60 yards out, during a visit with the 49ers GM.

Additional Notes:

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