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Injuries Better Team
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The mounting injury problems have been spun in a negative light, so excuse me while I focus on the positive. Allow me to take you back to when Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster’s rookie year. The two young corners were attacked, torched and in general exploited.

The inexperienced corners grew quickly into the NFL, not because they were talented but because of the experience they gained by playing. Flash back to the present day, where players like Tai Streets, and Ronnie Heard are gaining similar experience by playing in place of several injured players.

Heard and Streets are two players that when and if they are demoted because of starters regaining their health, will be bigger contributors in their limited opportunities. The experience they, among others gain from being forced into action is unparalleled.

The 49ers are a beat up team, and it is never enjoyable to see injured players, but there is a bright side, a side we will likely see that side when the injured players return to the field.

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