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Hurting At Defensive Tackle
September 09 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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With Jim Flannigan questionable for the second week of NFL action the 49ers continue to try and add some depth at defensive tackle. The 49ers believe that cycling through their defensive line in a rotation is the best way to allow Bryant Young and Dana Stubblefield to get after the quarterback. With Reggie McGrew released from the club, and Flannigan injured, the 49ers are left searching for some depth at defensive tackle.

Prior to the first game of the season the 49ers added free agent Garret Johnson off the waiver chart. Johnson had to learn on the fly and was not a factor in the opening game of the season.

This weekend, the 49ers released defensive end Jerome Davis, a fan favorite in order to create some room for Ross Kolodziej another free agent defensive tackle. The former seventh round pick was drafted by the Giants towards the end of the 2001 draft.

One canít help but wonder if this whole issue would have been avoided if the 49ers, Jr. Bryant avoided injury, or had the team been able to re-sign Brenston Buckner and still acquire Dana Stubblefield. Both cases of course, never happened, and so despite the team thinking they had shored up the defensive line this off-season, they are left scrambling - again looking for a defensive tackle.

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