Sure The Niners Are 6-2, BUT…--11/12/01
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As 49ers fans we have come to expect only the best from our ball club. Even after two seasons of brutal loss, after brutal loss - we still remain overly critical. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the players, or the wins, it’s that we have been spoiled, and we liked it that way. In the past it wasn’t ‘are the 49ers going to win this week?’ it was ‘how much are the 49ers going to win by this week’ and that is where we fans want this team to be. We want that level of supremacy so much, that sometimes we forget that our team is just two seasons removed from a 4-12 record, and that the team is still fighting salary cap troubles.

So excuse me while I yell hurrah! Way to go 49ers - Owens, Garcia, Hearst (oh yeah!).

Ok, now back to the cynical business of being a 49ers fan… What about that defense? Sure Ahmed Plummer continues to look impressive, and Andre Carter notched his second sack. There were lots of positives, but how the heck do you let up 400+ yards of offense? It just shouldn’t happen. It won’t be the final time you hear people gripe about the 49ers defense this week, and yes, I can recognize that they did make the necessary stands to win this game… But still 400+ yards of offense! Our defense can’t rely on our offense to be as successful as it was today every week, so they better pick up some slack.

So yes, being 6-2 and having the second best record in the NFC West and the NFL, it feels great. But as a faithful fan, I still look for more. I crave for the day when the 49ers will have the opponents beat during the pre-game warm ups, but I will relish in each victory, and the re-building of this great franchise. Simply because, if I didn’t, what type of fan would I be?

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