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49ers’ Colors Bring Luck
June 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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I’m not a gambler, which is kind of rare for a football fan. Nevertheless, I found myself at the horse races a couple nights ago. So what the heck does that have to do with 9ers football you ask? While one of the horses happened to be named “Scarlet and Gold”, and that my friends is the tie to the 49ers.

Scarlet and Forty Niners Gold are the official colors of the 49ers. Most fans think the colors are red and gold, or crimson and gold, but officially, it is indeed Scarlet and Forty Niners Gold. So seeing “Scarlet and Gold” as a horse name, I had to put a little money down.

I placed my two dollar bet with the teller, and took my place with some friends amongst the audience. As the race developed it was clear that my 49ers horse was going to show in the top three. But it was only as he crossed the finished line that his first place finish proved how lucky the 9ers colors are.

49ers colors bring luck. I’m hoping the first place finish was foreshadowing the 49ers season, but only time will tell that. In the mean time remember, when you see Scarlet and Niners Gold, it could very well bring you the luck that won me a whopping $1.86.

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