The Hope Continues---5/1/99

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The 49ers did it. They finally did it. They beat the Packers after 5 consecutive losses 3 of which playoff elimination. The win was triumphant. Terrell Owens reception with 3 seconds left was well, inconceivable. Now there should be no more question as to the future of the franchise. I have always supported Steve Mariucci, and now it's time for everyone to show it. The crowd versus the Packers was loud, hopefully illiminating the champagne reputation it had. Now the 49ers move on, down the playoffs. It's time for Atlanta.

The 49ers have faced Atlanta twice this season already. Each team won at home. Now it's time for the 49ers to take command, in another team's stadium. The 49ers are all to familiar with the Falcons. They have played them twice a season every season since the conferences were established. So what's the problem you may be wondering. How hard can it be to beat a team you are so familiar with. Well their are a few major factors that the 9ers will have to contend with if they want to make it passed the Falcons. Firstly the crowd noise. Atlanta plays in a dome stadium, the noise can sometimes get unbearable. If it gets to loud the 9ers can't be afraid to asks the refs to quiet down the stadium. Naturally this will make the crowd more roudy, which will result in an Atlanta penalty.

Stopping Jamal Anderson and contending with the 6th rated passing offense of the Falcons is probably the biggest issue for the 49ers. Do they commit an extra man to the line, or to help in coverage? Most likely the 49ers will try a defensive scheme similar to what they did VS Green Bay. It was effective, except in the Red Zone, where it may have to be refined. Coming off a short week, this wont be easy.

The key to this game will be controlling the line. If the 9ers can run, and somehow stop Jamal Anderson who has had over 1800 yards this season, then things will probably be positive. Still you never know, the 9ers may not be able to handle the passing attack of Atlanta. However the secondary is getting healthy and Marqueze Pope had his most effective game to date against the Pack.

This game is shaping up to be a great one! . Talk about it in the 49ers forum

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