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Pressure Continues
November 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Last season one of the biggest complaints about the 49ers was that they couldn’t rush the passer. The team recorded just 32 sacks all of last season, an average of two per game, but a number that received a boost late in the season as Andre Carter started to warm up in the last six game.

Things are quite different this season with the 49ers recording 19 sacks, which is already more than two per game. At this point last season the team had only recorded 13 sacks, which shows just how much more productive the team was in the second half of last season.

The pressure is being lead, for the second consecutive year by Andre Carter. His seven sacks leads the team and is followed by fellow defensive end Chike Okeafor with 4 sacks. But these two are doing much more than sacking the quarterback. They are keeping intense pressure on the quarterback which is forcing him to throw interceptions and make mistakes.

Carter has 14 quarterback pressures and 14 hits on the quarterback, showing that he is often just half a second to late from coming up big. Meanwhile Okeafor, who has fallen of his double digit sack pace, has 13 quarterback pressures and 11 hits.

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