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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Itís off To School We Go
May 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Now that Motherís Day is behind us, and the 49ers Players have honored their birth givers in whatever way they traditionally do, the focus once again turns to football. The teamsí second mini-camp, for rookies and selected veterans will commence this weekend.

Much of the camp will be dedicated to film study, and crash courses on the 49ers playbook in attempts to get the rookies and new veterans up to speed before training camp. Of course, the players will be on the field too, as there is no better way to learn plays, than by actually running through them and scrimmaging.

The teamsí second mini-camp may provide the coaching and administrative staff enough information to make some more cuts too. This is a huge hurtle for undrafted free agents to clear, and should they succeed, it would go a long ways to landing them a spot on the 49ers roster.

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