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Heitmann Doing Bang Up Job
November 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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He hasnít been getting much recognition, most 49ers fans probably donít even know who the rookie is, but guard Eric Heitmann has been starting in place of Dave Fiore on the offensive line for most of the season, and has been performing at a very high level in doing so. The rookie guard saw lots of action in the pre-season as the 49ers were constantly juggling their offensive line due to injury, and the extra practice has certainly paid off.

Heitmann stepped in for the injured Fiore and the line has not missed a beat. They have opened holes for the 49ers third ranked running game, and more recently have begun to give Jeff Garcia time to create within the offense, leading to some big plays, like last week when he threw for four touchdown passes.

Heitmann has flourished under the tutelage of offensive line coach Pat Morris. He is meshing extremely well for the offense, and is starting in a position that has not been held by a rookie in years within the 49ers system. After dropping in the draft because of a back injury, Heitmann has proved that the injury does not bother him, and is looking forward to a prosperous career with the 49ers.

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