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Eric Heitmann Doing Well
May 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Rookie Eric Heitmann was drafted in the later rounds of this years draft to be a backup guard and center (if need be). Heitmann, one of the top picks in this years draft at his position, Heitmann’s position dropped considerably due to back problems he had in college. The 49ers however, felt that they could get a quality player in Heitmann, and not needing a lineman right away, decided they’d take a risk on him.

Heitmann was able to participate in the 49ers first mini-camp without being hampered even once by back pains. Heitmann continues to rehabilitate the injury, but should be able to participate in the rest of the off-season conditioning programs unless there is a significant set back.

The 49ers have long term plans for Heitmann that include making him an eventual starter on their offensive line. He’s a typical 49ers lineman in that he’s quite versatile, and if he can stay healthy should remain on the 49ers roster for quite some time.

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