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Heitmann Continues With No Symptoms
June 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Eric Heitmann has been with the 49ers since the draft now, and during that time he hasn’t shown any hints of an injury that forced his draft status down. Heitmann, an offensive lineman, appears to be in good health. I have it on good authority that Heitmann is not only feeling perfectly fine, but that he always has felt this way.

Heitmann’s back injury was discovered during a routine x-ray at the NFL combine. He maintains that he does not know how the injury could have happened. The ‘compression fracture’ in the lumbar vertebra (basically a small crack in one of the bottom bones that shield the spine, caused by a compression - possibly from falling on his behind.) could have happened at any point to Heitmann.

Doctors have told Heitmann that if the injury doesn’t bother him, that he shouldn’t worry about it. While the fall on draft day will cost Heitmann plenty of money, the injury does not appear to be a problem. Heitmann has undergone surgery to repair his shoulder in December of 2000, it was the only injury significant enough to force Heitmann from a game.

Knowing that the offensive lineman is not experiencing any problems with his back is very encouraging news. He had expected to be drafted in the fourth round, but is happy that he ended up a 49er. Heitmann will be given a chance to learn the 49ers system and be a difference maker, the team is quiet happy with the selection.

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