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49ers To Experience Extreme Heat During Training Camp
June 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers will begin training camp on July 21st, and when they do, itís likely to be scorching hot. The camp held at the University of Pacific Stockton is typically one of the warmest training camps in the NFL. The temperature yesterday, was a scorching 95 degrees, and it only gets warmer.

But how does practicing in extreme heat affect the 49ers? Typically it gives them an advantage. Players must focus and be able to learn to prevent dehydration long before they begin playing football. This skill goes a long way to preventing cramps during games.

The temperature also inspires greater discipline. Players spend all day in the sun, and it would be very easy to play it sick and take a day or two off. But the 49ers players donít typically do that. They work their behinds off so that they donít let the team down and so that they can be as good as possible.

Playing in the heat also will help the team in games that it plays versus teams like the Cowboys and Cardinals, where the weather is typically very hot. Having the experience to keep your body healthy and in football shape in this weather is as important as dealing with the extreme cold temperatures dealt with by some of the Northern NFL teams.

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