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Hearst Back At It
October 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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If thereís one thing Garrison Hearst is all to familiar with, itís the injury rehabilitation progress. Thus itís not much of a surprise that the two time NFL Comeback Players Of The Year Award winner, is a quick healer. While Hearst would like to avoid ever being in contention for the award again, the injuries he has suffered in the past has taught him a lot about how to get his body into playing form as quickly as possible.

While Hearstís most recent injury is not nearly as severe as the two season ending versions he suffered in previous years - it remains painful to see him on the sidelines. On Friday, Hearst practiced for the first time since straining his hamstring in the 49ers loss to the Saints.

Hearst hopes to be ready to play this Sunday in at the least - a limited fashion. The 49ers who are shy on running backs as it is, would love to have him ready to relieve Kevan Barlow throughout the course of the game. Steve Mariucci however does tend to play the injury scenario conservatively - especially with veteran players, so Hearst may be held out of the game, even if he feels ready to go.

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