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Hearst Not Himself
November 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Garrison Hearst is clearly still hampered by his hamstring injury. Hearst had his least impressive performance of the season, averaging around 2 yards a carry, a far cry from the five yards a carry heís put up this season. While Hearst was effective catching passes, he was less explosive and that hampered him when it came to running the ball.

Hearst also had his first fumble in 323 touches, while the fumble was a rarity, it spoke to just what type of day he was having. He wasnít able to get through the holes the offensive line was opening up, and that is likely attributed to playing in pain.

Kevan Barlow didnít have a great game, but together a good performance at about four yards per carry. Clearly it was tough to run against the Raiders, but certainly not impossible.

Hearst was not listed on the post-game injury report, but he was hurting, that was evident by the lack of explosion through the holes. Hearst was feeling better this past week, compared to last, and the 49ers will hope he can return to form against the Chiefs.

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