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News Flash: Garrison Hearst Healthy
May 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
For the past few seasons when the off-season came rolling in, a hot topic was always Garrison Hearst’s health. Would he be able to play this coming season, will he ever be the same Hearst after undergoing five separate surgeries. This 2002 off-season our worries can be cast aside. Garrison Hearst is indeed healthy.

The two time comeback player of the year award winner had made triumphant strides in returning to the team. He has become a part of the 49ers, an inspiration to the team and the entire NFL, and this off-season Hearst signed a new six-year deal with the club.

Despite a very impressive outing by Kevan Barlow in his rookie season, having Garrison Hearst back just seems right. The loyalty he and the 49ers have shown each other is down right astonishing given the state of the NFL today. Hearst has made the 49ers his home, having his most impressive seasons in 49ers colours.

A locker room leader, a “chemistry guy” Hearst is looking forward to taking the 49ers to the next level this season. He will have a fair bit of help from an offensive backfield that includes some very talented depth. Coach Mariucci, who loves to run must also be thrilled to have Hearst back with the team.

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