Hearst All The Way Back --11/06/01
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Anyone who thinks Garrison Hearst has had an easy NFL career obviously hasn’t being paying much attention. Hearst has had a really tough time breaking through in the NFL. He’s been part of three teams, and has suffered threw to ‘career ending’ injuries. Remarkably, the former third pick of the NFL draft is still rushing his way through the NFL.

Hearst could very well be on his way to winning his second NFL Comeback Player Of The Year award, an award that has never been won by the same player twice. That alone should point out the heart and dedication Hearst has to the game. He’s persevered when others would have crumbled, and has done so with the whole league cheering for him.

The 49ers have stuck with Hearst since 1997 when he suffered his latest career threatening injury. Countless hours of rehab and surgeries later, Hearst returned to the field as the opening day starter with the 49ers this season. He’s played well since then too, holding the starting spot despite being challenged by rookie Kevan Barlow who is also having a very good season.

There could be no one more deserving of this season’s NFL Comeback Player of The Year award. Hearst has been a role model, a leader and a mentor while being productive on the field. He and Kevan Barlow have become a good tandem at running back. Each feeding off of each other. It’s a situation many never thought they’d see.

Hearst’s return this season is nothing short of miraculous. He is a role model by every sense of the word, and a heck of a player too. As the season progresses, Hearst should continue to show the 49ers just why they kept him on the payroll injured for so long. Regardless, he has already shown the fans how appreciative he is of the opportunity. If you are looking for a role model, look no farther. Garrison Hearst is your man.

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