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Defensive Player Of The Week
November 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Ronnie Heardís three interceptions performance didnít go unnoticed. The media was all over the backup safeties awesome performance in place of starter Zack Bronson. But what did go unnoticed was Heard winning this weekends Defensive Player Of The Week Award. Heard who is getting ready to start his third game of the season, has never won the award before.

In winning the award, Heard becomes the second 49er this season to have the winning performance. Jamie Winborn won the Player Of The Week Award after the 49ers opening game against the New York Giants.

Heardsíf irst interception came n the 49ers 32-yard line in the first quarter. The pass was tipped by Jason Webster out of the hands of a receiver, and to Ronnie Heard who returned the ball 17 yards. It took just three players fro Garcia to find Streets for a 47-yard touchdown pass giving the 49ers a 17-0 lead against the Cardinals.

The second interception came in the end zone with 56 seconds left. Taking the touchback, the 49ers were given the ball at their 20, a 61 yard touchdown to Terrell Owens gave the 49ers a 31-7 half time lead.

Heardís final interception came at the 49ers own six, with a 38-28 point lead and 5:38 left on the clock. The interception was returned 30 yards. The 49ers were able to drive the field and kill the clock to win the game.

Several offensive players for the 49ers were nominated for the Offensive players of the week award - they however did not win it. Jeff Garcia, who was 18/28 for 252 yards and four touchdowns was one of them, as was Terrell Owens who had 132 yards on 8 receptions, including touchdown receptions of 21 and 61 yards.

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