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Heard Comes Up Big
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Iíll skip the catchy headlines that are dominating the Bay Area papers this week. Playing off of Heardís name is simply to easy for interesting headlines like, ď49ers Heard Their CallingĒ and ďDefense Heard CallĒ rather, Iíll just state that free safety Ronnie Heard had an amazing game.

Filling in for Zack Bronson for the second consecutive game, Ronnie Heard recorded his first three interceptions of his career. Thatís right, three interceptions in one game. Something that hadnít been done in 49ers land since Rod Woodson did it against the Saints in 1997.

Heard was in the right play at the right time on his first interception, after Jason Webster defended a pass. His second interception came in the end-zone with Heard in great position. His final interception of the game, again came with the Cardinals in scoring position. Somehow Heard got between the quarterback and the receiver on the play. Bobbling the ball, Heard went to the ground, never letting the ball touch the grass. After gaining control, and not being tagged by a Cardinal player, Heard got up and moved the ball forward.

A little luck goes a long way, as Heard was responsible for stopping a probable six, and possible 14 Cardinal points from being put on the board. If not for the interceptions, this game would have been much closer, and the Cardinals may have even be able to pull out a huge comeback.

This past week I wrote an article about how proficient Heard was in the secondary. How is knowledge was among the best on the team regarding the schematics of the defense. I also pointed out that he didnít have the knack for the big play. With three interceptions in one game, the formerly undrafted free agent may have made me eat my words. Iíd love for him to continue with such play making ability, it would certainly soften the loss of Zack Bronson.

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