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49ers Waive One
June 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Thursday the 49ers waived NFL Europe player, defensive end Shawn Hay. Hay was part of the 49ers off-season camps last year as well, but coaches did not believe he could make the jump to be a legitimate contender this season, especially considering the depth the 49ers now have along their defensive line.

Despite Hay having an ok season in Europe, he was out played by another 49ers allocations - Jerome Davis. Davis was selected to the ĎAll NFL Europe Teamí where as Hay did not have any accomplishments of this magnitude.

With the release the 49ers continue to get closer to the 80-man roster they intend to take into training camp. The 49ers likely will make one more move at quarterback, likely cutting Giovanni Carmazzi, and may make a few other moves as well. The team is allowed to keep six NFL Europe players who are exempt from the roster limit.

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