Have Some Fun Out There!

If there is one thing the 49ers need to learn, it's to have fun. The 49ers are great, and don't get me wrong, I love how they take each game so seriously, but something is missing. Once in a while, Steve Young will dance in the endzone, or Ken Norton Jr. will punch the goal post, so they obviously know how to have fun. They just don't do it often enough. There are teams like Denver and Green Bay that have fun. That is one of the reasons why they are so successful, it keeps players calm. Be it the Lambeau Leap or the Mile High Salute, you can always tell that the players are calm and having a good time. In the '94 season it was clear the 9ers were having fun, but they still didn't show it to the same extent. What the 49ers need, it a patented move. Something recognized across the league. Maybe a 49ers shuffle, like the little dance that Steve Young did, though I don't think this is the greatest example. What about a 49ers dunk. After every TD they would dunk the ball over the goal post, this I think could be very effective.

Now that I have voiced my opinion, I guess I have to back it up. Otherwise many of you will be laughing at me, and just not continue to read my articles. Well there are two main reasons why the 49ers need this patented move. The first being the intimidation factor it provides. When other teams see that their opponents are having a good time no matter what, it puts them in a foul mood. They start thinking, that they have to show the other team up. This stress, anxiety and anger insures that the other players will try to hard, fall short, and feel even worse. Emotion is a very large contributor to a teams success.

The second reason why this is good idea, is quite a reversal from the first. Again, emotion is in charge. If players feel that they are contributing to success, it eases the stress, anxiety and anger. When a player is relaxed and confident, they perform their best, and by performing well, it obviously makes it even harder on the other teams. Now I'm not saying that by doing this the 49ers will never lose a game. They almost certainly will. the odds of them not losing are astronomical. However a loss in a game you had fun in, is certainly less painful than one that you didn't have fun in. This whole concept dates back to the phrase: "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game". I think this fits very well into the "Winning with Class" slogan the 49ers chose to represent the team on their 50th anniversary.

I admit that this concept is probably a little "off the wall". However it wouldn't hurt to try. The highs and lows would both be higher if the players were to perform, and I have reason to believe that players performances would also rise to the occasion. Though this is not all that would be affected. For years the 49ers fans have been called, lame, boring and worst of all quiet. Thus players moods, and happiness could very well where off on the fans. This may not seem important now, but when an opposing team walks on to the 49ers field, and week in and week out the fans are as loud as they were against Denver this year, well the outcome is obvious. The opposing teams will be blown out of the park. They will not be able to make play calls, they will be distracted, and homefield for the 49ers will finally become an advantage.

I hope that you enjoyed this article. I understand that my concept may be a little awkward at first thought, but I'm sure many 49ers fans will comply with my thoughts. I am still awaiting some feed back on this section of my page, thus if you have a comment or idea please let me know!
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