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49ers Players Stay Out Of Harms Way
May 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
This off-season, weíve seen countless players run into trouble with the law. Possession of illegal substances, driving under intoxication, harassment, money laundering and other legal Ďsinsí, theyíve all been in the syndicated headlines.

The NFL gets a bad wrap because of many players who participate in such illegal acts. Itís certainly not every NFL player, it isnít even a majority, but those that do commit the acts have given the NFL a bad name. Thankfully the 49ers and their players have kept their noses away from the legal issues.

Character has always been a big part of 49ers organization. Players with character are brought into the organization over those without it. And itís this character that has kept the team out of trouble for yet another off-season. The 49ers are that polar opposite of the Dallas Cowboys, a team whose reputation doesnít even need stating.

With the off-season half over, donít expect 49ers players to be in trouble with the law. Itís a class that comes with being a 49er, and itís why guys like Lawrence Phillips never made it with the team. Itís something the 49ers arenít about to change either, and itís just one more reason why fans can look to the 49ers to be a model organization.

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