Half Way Mark--11/10/01
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This Sunday will mark the half-way point of the season for the 49ers. And what a season it’s been. Ups, downs, and well just about everything in between. So as the team prepares for what could be the biggest game of their season, and is at least the teams biggest game to date, us fans are going to take a walk down memory lane.

The 49ers at 5-2 are tied with the Raiders for the second best record in the NFL. That’s right you heard it… the team is tied for the second best record in the NFL. No if ands or buts about it. After just two horrific seasons, the 49ers have somehow managed to get back on track, fighting salary cap dilemmas to the extreme. What we have seen this past season, is truly remarkable.

Coach Mariucci says it all the time, the 49ers could easily have been 7-0 or 0-7, each game this team has played has come down to the wire, three even went beyond the wire into over time. The amazing thing is though, the 49ers are finding a way to win these close games more often than not. Sure they aren’t slaughtering their opposition, but the team is winning, beating lesser opponents. This is significant as it was only last season that the 49ers were the lesser opponent.

It’s been a season with lots of ups and downs. Heart breaking defeats, balls being dropped or intercepted, but on the same not we’ve seen some incredible things. Actually we’ve seen more incredible things. Be it a winning record, Garrison Hearst scoring a touchdown, Terrell Owens teaming with Garcia for touchdown after touchdown, Greg Knapp growing into his role, Jim Mora Jr proving his worth, terrific play of Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster, the return of the whole offensive line, and functioning proof that running by committee can work. Really it’s been a fun season.

As fans we have all been looking forward to this day. We stuck with the team while they were down, and intend to stick with them regardless of the outcomes of the next eight games. When the team was down our support was there, and we enjoyed watching the young team grow. Now we can all stand proudly and say ‘I was there’ and with any luck, we wont be back ‘there’ any time soon.

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