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49ers Excited To Travel Across World
June 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Surely the thought of playing five pre-season games instead of four wasn’t something that made the 49ers happy. Having the game played half way across the world adds insult to injury too, as the team will miss practically a full week of training camp at their facility in Stockton to make the trip. But the chance to go to Japan, and experience its culture certainly has its advantages.

The 49ers will take a trip to Osaka, Japan this August to participate in the ‘American Bowl’ against the Washington Redskins on August third. This will be the 49ers first pre-season game of 2002 and likely wont be much different than any of the pre-season games we experience when the team plays in the United States.

The event will mark the second ‘big’ pre-season game the 49ers have participated in. The former, was in the “Hall Of Fame Game” that the team played in Canton. The 49ers are typically big attraction anywhere you go, and assignment of games like these signifies that they are among the top NFL attractions.

While the players all have their passports in check, and are looking forward to the trip, don’t expect it to be a game that is any more exciting than any of the others. Most of the starters will play a few series, some may even see the full first quarter, but typically it will be game where players begin to fight for roster spots, and where the team establishes its depth charts.

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