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Could It Be? A Good Injury Report
July 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Some good news came out of training camp regarding several injured players on the 49ers today. The team took Teddy Gaines and John Keith off the PUP list. The 49ers are very happy two have these two defensive backs, back as active players.

Teddy Gaines has already resumed practicing with the team. John Keith however, is expected to resume practice shortly. With Josh Shaw still unsigned, it brings the 49ers PUP list down to only three members.

Jeremy Newberry was set to undergo a MRI. Still in the protective boot, Newberry may not play in the American Bowl as the 49ers want to bring him back slowly to prevent re-occurrences. Reports state that results from the MRI showed no muscle tear, but a really bad pull.

Cornerback Jason Webster was held out of Wednesday’s practices. The 49ers wanted to give his hamstring some rest, to prevent an earlier injury from re-occurring. It also allowed Mike Rumph to get a little bit more work. Webster did return for the afternoon practice though.

Both Terrell Owens and Garrison Hearst took the morning off; Owens to give his leg a little rest, and Hearst to give his injuries from last season some rest too. Both players noted that they did not feel anything to be worried about.

The rest of the team was a little extra cautious in practice. It almost looked as if they were being extra careful not to get injured. Perhaps the coaching staff spoke to the team about this, as the team was also not in pads.

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