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G-Man = Miracle Man
December 18th, 2001
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In the Miami win this past Sunday, it was the running game that carried the team - and it was Garrison Hearst who shouldered the running game. Hearst NFL story is nothing short of remarkable and his recent dismantling of the Dolphins pushed him over the 1000-yard mark for the season. Hearst is a lock for an unprecedented second ĎComeback Player Of The Year Awardí and with performances like the on this past Sunday, thereís no question why.

A modern day medical science miracle no doubt, Hearst underwent an overwhelming five surgeries in two years to return to the football field. Amazingly the all talented Hearst, who was almost cut at the beginning of this season, persevered through it all, and has now recorded his third 1000-yard season in a row as an active running back. Some dare to say he looks better now than before the injury, and considering heís sharing the load with first year back Kevan Barlow itís hard to argue that point.

Hearst however refuses to take credit for his success. Instead he hands it to the offensive line, Fred Beasley, the coaching staff, doctors and well pretty much anyone but himself. Itís amazing how this locker room leader is so incredibly modest. Someone should really tell him just how good he actually is.

Since arriving with the 49ers Hearst has been a key part of the team. In fact when Hearst starts in a game, the 49ers are an amazing 33-9, and this season, when Hearst rushes for 100-yards, the 49ers are an incredible 4-0. How can he deny that he is a huge part of the 49ers offense?

Really thatís quite simple. Itís his modest personality. Hearst one of the leagues best is also one of the leagues few players that plays the game for the love of it. Money, sure it matters, but when you career has been ended twice by injuries - itís the game that you care about, not the credit and not the money. So Hearst, G-Man who just ran for a G is proving that modern day medicine is miraculous, all the while becoming the NFLís Miracle Man.

Congratulations G on a successful recovery by anyoneís definition.

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