'98 At A GLANCE!

Kickoff 1998 is fast approaching. With that in mind, here is a week by week preview of what to expect from the 49ers and there opponents. Admitingly, some of the opinions may be a little biased, but humour enriches the soul. The 49ers season begins September 6th, and the complete schedule is found here

Week number one the 49ers take on the Jets, two years ago, this game could have been laughed off, but with Bill Parcels incharge, and a hungry team you never know what may happen. Before last season the 49ers had a great record of sucess in the first game of the season. The 49ers will probably look to redeam themselves, and should squash the Jets by a score of 44-11. The score may be lobsided but the 49ers have something to prove, and it all starts game number one.

In the second week of the season the 49ers match up against Washington Redskins, a game that will truly test our revamped offensive line. The Redskins defensive line is over powering, and the 49ers are going to have to win it in the trenches. Marc Edwards will show what he is made of in this game. Short screens and quick outs (as much as they are hated, and don't win Super Bowls) may be necessary to get passed the front four. Final outcome another win 20-17 in overtime. The 49ers follow this week with an early bye week. They will likely focus on Red Zone plays, and opening the offense up deep.

Game number three the 49ers step over Atlanta. If history is anything to go by, well there might not even be reason to play this game. However the 49ers can't afford to blow it off, each game must be taken seriously. This game is a great oppurtunity to get the offense rolling if it hasn't been, square up the defense and maybe even get Drukenmiller some play time.

At Buffalo for game number 4 the 49ers may suffer there first loss. If Buffalo prepares for this game well, they could give the 49ers some serious opposition. However, if the Bills really do elect to go with the CFL super star quarterback, Doug Flutie, our defensive line will tear them apart, and the score wont even be close. This game will likely be Hearsts 1st or 2nd 100 yard plus game.

The 49ers have to play an improved Saints team in game five. Beeing an improved team, I will give the Saints some credit: Final score 49-10 need I say more, it's the Saints?

The 49ers mangle with the Colts in game six. This game will be fun to watch, and the 49ers should be on top of there division right now with a 4-1 record. This is the game where Jerry and Steve show how it's done. Rice will eclipse the 200 yard mark, and he will put doubters to shame. As for the game, 49ers win, 35-15.

Game seven. Same old Rams. Wont even waste the time on this game final score, 42-7 as Drukenmiller tosses for three touchdowns.

Lets get ready to rumble. This game could descide the NFC Super Bowl contender, with 8 games to go. The 49ers take on the Packers, in a game that should have everyone glued to their televisons and on the edge of their seats. The 49ers will finally eclipse the Packers with a solid all around routine, but it wont be easy, Final Score 24-21 last 3 minutes of the 4th.

The 49ers have another tougher game this week, against the division rivals, the Panthers. This game could descide the NFC WEST, if the Panthers managed to pick up the pieces from last season it will be close. However the 49ers may stumble from there 7-1 (7-2 depends on Pack) record here; after playing their hearts out in game eight. Let's hope not. The 49ers need this one, and will hopefully win, final score 28-14 49ers.

The 49ers get a bit of a brake in game 10 when they play Atlanta for the second time this season. Atlanta will be wanting revenge, but the 49ers wont give it to them. Final score 49ers win 52-21

The Saints come marching in...and they fall as usual. The Saints are going to have to do better then sign 49ers left overs if they ever intend on getting somewhere. Look for the 49ers to take it easy and coast to a 28-7 victory in game 11 49ers clinch division.

The 49ers will not be up for this game, and will deserve the wake up call. They will lose to the Giants in their last loss of the year. They will rely to much on Young and Rice. Final Score 28-25 Giants.

Going into the 13th game of the season the 49ers will be sitting pretty with a 10-2, or 10-3 record. The 49ers will coast through this one gaining homefield advantage throughout the season. Hearst and Edwards will both be absolutely dominating, and Owens and Stokes will both have 100 yard games. Final score hear 34-14.

In game 14 the defensive front will face it's biggest challenge. The 49ers take on Detroit and Barry Sanders. Though Barry will have his 100 yard day, it will be matched by Hearst and Herman Moore just wont be able to catch up to Rice, Owens and Stokes. Scott Mitchell, well you have little chance. Final score 49ers win, 37-10.

The 49ers play the Patriots in game 15. The Patriots have never been the same since the departure of Bill Parcells. Drew Bledsoe wont have it in him to take the Pats to a win. Meanwhile Steve Young will Share time with the Druk in this meaningless encounter. The 49ers will win a low scoring one. 14-3.

The last game of the regular season and the 49ers are 12-3, or 13-2, will they get that last win. Well there playing the Rams so don't be surprised if the 49ers win 21-7 with the bench taking over for the 49ers mid second quarter.

That wraps up the 49ers regular seaon. Hopefully right now everyone is happy and healthy, not to mention ready to get to the 49ers 6th Super Bowl, where they will bring home yet another trophy. Good luck 49ers, it's a long journey, but we have faith.

I hope that you enjoyed this article. I understand that my concept may be a little awkward at first thought, but I'm sure many 49ers fans will comply with my thoughts. I am still awaiting some feed back on this section of my page, thus if you have a comment or idea please let me know!
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