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Special Teams Reactions
January 6th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Despite injuring his ankle in the pre-game warm up kicker Jeff Chandler was money on extra points and his one field goal. His kickoffs with the exception of one, were also quite decent. Punter Bill LaFleur was the highlight of the unit though, averaging 46.7 yards on his three punts.

Cederick Wilson miffed big time on a fumbled punt which gave the Giants the ball inside the 49ers five yard line. It was the first turning point of the game that gave the Giants the upper hand for the rest of the second quarter and most of the third. The return units were not anything special either. They consistently failed to give the 49ers any great field position.

Similarly the coverage units did a poor job of pinning the Giants deep. Still they didnít give up any big plays wish was a nice change of pace.

Each week there seems to be troubles with the special teams. With all the injuries itís no surprise. That this week was no different, was also - no surprise.

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