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Offensive Review
September 06 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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To say the 49ers offense wasn’t firing on all cylinders would be a gross understatement. Despite good field position, the 49ers offense was only able to get the ball in the endzone once. This my friends is a problem that certainly wasn’t helped by missing two field goals.

It took the offense the entire first half before they started to resemble a legitimate NFL attack, and by that point, the momentum favored the Giants greatly. What it came down to, was that the 49ers star offensive players did what they had to do to win, when the game was on the line.

Having troubles getting the ball to Owens, the 49ers went with the reverse. On the same drive, Kevan Barlow had a great individual effort to get the 49ers into scoring range. From their it was all Hearst, that got the 49ers into the endzone on some nifty running.

With the game on the line and less than two minutes to go, it was Jeff Garcia finally finding Terrell Owens for the big play. A series of runs put the 49ers in good position to kick the winning field goal.

No the offense did not play well. But it did manage to squeak out a victory by riding a few good plays. The offensive line did a commendable job in this game, keeping Garcia on his feet for the bulk of the game. Really the stalling offense was due in large part to the 49ers persistence in getting Terrell Owens the ball, and not establishing a rhythm from the ‘get go’.

The offense has a ways to go before it can be considered high powered. It will have to start with improved play calling, and execution at the beginning of the game. The 49ers must also be able to score when in the Red Zone.

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