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Defensive Reactions
January 6th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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To fairly evaluate the defense this game one almost has to split the game in two. The team started off fairly well, and quickly sunk. They spent a whole lot of time trying to figure out who to stop the Giants from scoring, and in the process gave up 38 points, and a 24 point lead. Once things started clicking though, and with a little good fortune they were able to step up and make the plays to win the game.

The defensive line didnít get much pressure on Collins and that was a big problem. Also, until late in the game they couldnít stop the run either. They were exploited for 119 rushing yards.

The linebackers had their hands full with a receiving running back and great tight end. Somehow they made a few plays, and really the fewest mistakes of any unit on the defense.

The defensive backs were just hurting. Ahmed Plummer had perhaps the worst game of his career playing with an injured groin. Mike Rumph was typically exploited, but it didnít show as much with the rest of the defensive mistakes. Zack Bronson and Tony Parrish made no not worthy plays, though the defense did seem to improve when Ronnie Heard entered the game.

It was a pretty poor performance from this unit right up to the end of the third quarter. At that point they seemed to be able to answer the Giants back, and finally took over. Some big plays forcing three and outs gave the 49ers the chance to win the game. The defense will have a had time next week against Tampa too. They will have to be more successful as the offense likely wonít be able to put up another 39 points against their great defense.

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