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Getting It Together
December 11th, 2001
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It is a lot tougher waking up Monday mornings knowing full well that your pride and joy - well ok your favourite football team has a long road ahead of them. Maybe it is the ĎMonday morning bluesí, dragging into Tuesday now, talking but I liked being delusioned into thinking that the 49ers had what it took to beat the beast (Freudian slip sorry) best in the NFL. It was after all nice feeling - the NFC West Crown back in San Francisco. It really made each day better. And then it all came showering down - right?

Well Iím here to say ďDonít give up now!Ē. Itís something that you will hear throughout the week, from me, other fans, and the media. As fans of the 49ers we must remain loyal and faithful to the team. So what if we lost a game - so what if that game was our biggest of the season. As the 49ers currently stand as a team, they are miles ahead of where they were over the past two season, and miles ahead of where anyone thought they would be.

There is a plan set forth for this team not to be a one year winner. This team is being built to win year after year and building a team of that caliber doesnít happen over night. The team needs to learn how to win the big one, learn how to bounce back after a tough loss, learn what it takes to make it through the playoffs and learn how to win week after week.

The 49ers are still a very good team. They arenít great yet, and maybe we all fooled ourselves into thinking they were. Chances are weíll do it again should the 49ers finish the season at 13-3. But itís a road of ups and downs, and right now there are lots more ups then downs. Itís time that this team learned from itís losses and put it behind them as they continue to build what is already becoming one of the great teams of the NFL. Stay with this team as they regain the glory of the past in moving towards the future. You wont be disappointed.

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