Gearing Up For The Lions --11/03/01
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How do you beat a team whose coach is one year removed from your own team? The 49ers will attempt to answer that question, as they get ready to face the Lions this Sunday. Lionsí head coach, Marty Mornhinweg is just one year removed from the 49ers offensive coordinator position. He knows the ins and outs of the 49ers, and will likely be able to predict how the 49ers attack, and maybe even some of there play calling.

With Mornhinweg having such a vast knowledge of the current 49ers, there really will only be one way to beat his team. Execution. The 49ers need to run each play to perfection, they need to be Ďon the ballí, itís really the only way to win. Any time a team has such a large knowledge of your team, it all comes down to execution.

You can almost throw game planning out the window. Unless of course, the 49ers coaching staff can think so far out of the box, that a plan will be effective, the 49ers this week should just focus on execution. There is more talent on the 49ers roster, very few will argue that point, but if the team canít execute properly, they will not win this weekend.

The 49ers this week have had distraction after distraction. There ability to put all that aside and run plays to perfection is what will make or break this game for them. Mornhinweg will have his Lions ready, and no plan will throw him off balance. This game will have to come down to simply being better than the other team, and playing that way. If the 49ers can indeed perform at a high level, they should be able to beat the coach who knows almost as much about them, as anyone in the 49ers office.

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