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Garcia Warms Up
October 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jeff Garcia came out throwing pretty well on Monday night. Although his completion percentage was not astronomical, his second consecutive game with a passer rating of 100 or greater was more like what 49ers fans had gotten used to. Garcia was also effective at improvising and scrambling when the team needed him.

All in all, Garcia looked more alive against the Seahawks than he did at any point this season - and that says quite a bit considering the pounding that he was taking throughout the day. Garcia also started throwing a few more long passes and got the ball to his receivers in stride better than he had all season.

All this positive talk leads me to believe that Garcia has finally warmed up to the 2002 season. This week against New Orleans Saints, who are playing with a depleted secondary, could be another big game for Garcia. He needs to continue to look down the field and get the ball to his receivers in ways that they can makes plays.

It now appears quite likely that JJ Stokes will miss his second consecutive game, and that Tai Streets will again take his place. Streets was a big factor in the 49ers Monday Night victory, and was one foot out of bounds away from being a huge factor to Garcia. If Streets can continue to get open and catch passes down field it may be bad news for Stokes - who despite having the best hands on the team, hasnít really synchronized with Garcia.

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