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Garcia Receives As Well As He Passes
August 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jeff Garcia is known for his passing game, but this past week heís proved he can receive too. Receive large advertising contracts that is. The 49ers quarterback, scheduled to earn about $13 million from the 49ers this season has signed two large advertising contracts in the past week, one with Reebok who has a new contract with the NFL to provide uniforms, hats, and shoes to the entire league, and the other with Ford Motor Company.

The deal with Reebok is to promote all of their NFL gear. Garcia will be featured on advertisements including banners and billboards beginning with the NFL Kickoff Concert in New York from Times Square. Garcia is expected to be in attendance at the concert that will be hosted only hours before the NFL season kicks off in a game that Garcia will be participating in.

With Ford, Garcia is expected to advertise for the Lincoln Navigator. The large sports utility vehicle is actually Garciaís Ďcarí of choice. He and his agent initiated talks with Ford about the advertising campaign. In response to the deal, Fordís stock rose on the New York Stock Exchange Composite yesterday.

It took a while before the advertising companies to welcome Garcia into their marketing plans, but now that he has become a consistently good quarterback, and a recognized face in the Bay Area, marketers canít seem to get enough of him. As long as his play continues at a high level, expect Garcia to continue being placed in advertisements.

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