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Garcia Won’t Duplicate Stats
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As much as Jeff Garcia may want to, it doesn’t appear that he will be able to duplicate the two impressive statistical seasons Garcia had in his first two years as a starter. The statistical drop off is due to the slow start the offense had. It would take more than two touchdowns a game, for Garcia to reach the 30 touchdown plateau he eclipsed in the past two seasons.

With just 12 passing touchdowns this season, Garcia would need to score 18 more in the seven remaining games this season. Unfortunately for Garcia, it doesn’t appear that he’ll be able to triplicate the 30 touchdown mark.

The good news is that Garcia interception numbers are still low. He’s on pace for just under 10 interceptions which is on par with what Garcia normally records.

Jeff Garcia is still having a great season despite not throwing for as many touchdowns as last season. He has the team winning at 7-2, and is a much more effective runner than he was in past years. Despite throwing one of the worst passes of his career this past Sunday, at the end of the first half, Garcia has been a better decision maker too, and so he should be able to lead the team to a better season than he has in the past.

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