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Garcia Adds Signature To His Game
January 8th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Every great quarterback has a few games over their careers that essentially leave their signature on the game of football. For Jeff Garcia, this Sunday’s win, in the playoffs, over the Giants was exactly that type of game. With the performance, Garcia etched closer to being the third legendary quarterback in a row, for the 49ers. Of course he still has a long ways to go.

Despite stringing together three 3000 yard seasons in a row, and three consecutive Pro Bowl appearances; despite throwing 84 touchdowns and only 32 interceptions over his three starting seasons - not to mention 12 rushing he added during that time, Garcia is still not in ranks of Joe Montana or Steve Young. Before he can ever emerge from that shadow Garcia will have to win multiple times in the playoffs and at least one Super Bowl. But of course, that is the life of a 49ers quarterback.

Jeff is hardly oblivious to the expectations that surround him. After the game, Garcia said: "I'm excited about so many things that have taken place while I've been here with the San Francisco 49ers ... But as far as legacies are concerned, I'm still trying to find my way out of a hole sometimes." He continued stating, “obviously, the Lombardi Trophy is what we're after. And until that situation takes place, I really believe that my legacy is still going to continue to build ... I'm still trying to build a legacy."

Garcia’s 25 point comeback victory was simply awesome. He along with receiver Terrell Owens took the team to the next level, refusing to lose. The result was an awe inspiring comeback that notched as the second biggest such victory in NFL playoff history.

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