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Garcia Disapproves Of Pre-Season Strategy
October 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The media typically explodes every comment Terrell Owens makes about the teamís short comings into some sort of drama that is expected to tear apart the organization. So it wasnít much of a surprise that Owens simply decided to stop speaking to the media. This past week though, it was Jeff Garcia expressing his gripes about the organization.

Itís not that Garcia wants to pass more, or less, or father down the field. Itís not a matter of asking for better protection. Rather, Garcia referred to the way in which the coaching staff organized the pre-season as ďridiculousĒ:

"The preseason was ridiculous, personally," Garcia said. "It was not a good way to prepare a team, not a good way to get a feel for the kind of team we had. I think it took a little while to shake off the preseason. I think we're getting a better feel for who we are as a team."

As written earlier this past week, the 49ers starters have finally had their four game warm up. And so they should be ready to start the regular season this week against the Seahawks. But Garciaís disdain can not remain unanswered.

The 49ers coaching staff wanted to avoid injury and wearing out their starting team, and so they only saw minimal time working together in the pre-season. While the experience was unequivocal for the younger players on the team (as demonstrated by Tim Rattyís ability to step in for Garcia and not lose the game several weeks ago), it left the starters quite rusty.

Itís all over and done with now, but I do expect the starting players to see more action next pre-season. The team has really started slowly this season, and that is due in large part to them still needing to build chemistry together. For the teamís sake, I hope they have finally shaken off the rust, as the victory against the Rams would dictate.

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