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Garcia Pounded
November 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jeff Garcia took a pounding this past week in facing the Chiefs. Eric Heitmann was a large culprit, but it was all around miscues by the offensive line that prevented Garcia from being anywhere near his best. Garcia was hit often despite throwing many short yardage passes.

The 49ers entered the game averaging just one sack per game, but against the Chiefs the 49ers gave up three sacks. Jeff Garcia was thrown violently into the ground a few other times as he released the ball, and took a nasty hit when throwing a block for Terrell Owens.

The offensive line and the coaching staff need to do a better job of protecting the quarterback. Heís clearly the player on this team that lets them click, and winning without him would be very difficult.

Garcia has just recently gained confidence in his line to go through his progressions without rushing. Against the Chiefs he didnít have that luxury, and I certainly hope he doesnít fall back to early season form where he was not patient with his progressions.

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