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Garcia and Owens Want To Be More Productive
May 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens wants the ball more, and Jeff Garcia would like nothing better than to give it to him. Both the star quarterback and receiver of the 49ers will be looking to be more productive than over the past season. It wont be an easy task considering the two have combined for nearly thirty touchdowns in only two seasons.

Owens and Garcia are one of the most proficient tag teams in the NFL, and if they were to get more productive it could be scary. And thatís exactly what the two have in mind for this coming season. Both parties want to improve the communication between each other, and they think that will enhance their productivity.

Essentially if Garcia can tell Owens where open spots are in the defense, and vice versa for Owens to Garcia they should accomplish their goal. The advantage of this communication is that both Garcia and Owens see different views of the game, so if Owens were to notice that a defensive back motions a certain way before a blitz or something along those lines, it could be an essential cue for Garcia as he attempts to dismantle the opposition. The result should be more points and better team unity and cohesiveness as the two improve their relations.

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