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Garcia Wants More
April 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Jeff Garcia spoke out during mini-camp. He wants more. He wants to have a better relationship with star receiver Terrell Owens. While last season there was no apparent strain between the two, Garcia feels that if he knows Owens like back of his hand, the two will be able to team up for bigger and better plays. It seems to make sense.

Garcia stated that typically he would speak to Owens throughout the course of a game, telling him what he see's but wouldn't really get the same back from Owens. Garcia would like Owens to reciprocate.

Owens expressed similar sentiment stating that it was usually Garcia doing the talking, but Owens would like to change that too. If the two can indeed improve their relationship, and chemistry for that matter, it seems logical the two would play better together.

Owens seems to be the topic of many conversations these days. First it was with Steve Mariucci in Atlanta, and now with Garcia. With the team practically in place from last season already, these are the little moves its nice to see. In particular, Garcia is taking on a bigger leadership role, and that's great for the quarterback. Meanwhile Owens looks like he'll finally be part of a team, and not an outcast, how could that be bad?

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