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Garcia Goes To Mexico City
June 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Jeff Garcia has taken off for his summer vacation. He has head off to Mexico City, where he will relax with family after completing his final off-season responsibility. This week, Garcia will be promoting the NFL in Mexico. Garcia, who is part Mexican, is unsure of how he will be received in Mexico, but is definitely looking forward to some down time in his schedule.

Garcia has had a very busy off-season, he has attended many charitable events, and still participated in the 49ers off-season program. His new found stardom has had him crossing back and forth across that nation. Needless to say, the time off will be much appreciated.

Garcia has looked good this off-season. He claims to be fully recovered from all of the injuries that plagued him last season. His ribs are better, his knee is healed (though he also says it may never be 100%) and the tendonitis in his elbow has all but subsided. He will be cautious in training camp though, making sure that he doesn’t over-exert his elbow bringing back the injury.

"I don't know if my right knee will ever by 100 percent again," Garcia said. "It's at a point where I don't feel it's a problem. It's important for me to have my mobility back because it affects my ability to make things happen on the run."

Garcia, who for the first time in his career can be sure of himself as the 49ers starter, understand how entering the season fully healthy can benefit the team. He will work diligently this training camp, but expect him to know his limits, and retire his arm from certain drills in order to keep it fully healthy.

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